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Maison fresnel

Maison Fresnel goes beyond just producing motion content. They also excel in creating still images that not only exhibit great visuals but also tell a story. Their production house doesn’t just produce for the sake of it, but each picture is a deliberate concept that revolves around a theme. Their expertise includes crafting a storyline that beautifully integrates with each visual concept. Whether it is a commercial image or a fashion shoot, Maison Fresnel delivers the right amount of creativity that will leave you impressed. With their exciting lineup, they are constantly coming up with new and intriguing concepts. Maison Fresnel is the go-to place for exceptional and memorable visuals that are bound to captivate you.

Still photography

Life is full of surprises, and embracing them can lead us to new and exciting journeys. Coline’s story is a testament to this. When a call from a photographer stranded in Provence came her way, Coline saw it as an opportunity to explore her inner beauty and embody the concept of “The Girl from the River”. The result was breathtaking, with the stunning French countryside providing a picturesque backdrop that elevated Coline’s beauty to new heights. By saying yes to this once-in-a-lifetime experience, Coline opened a new chapter in her life story, filled with cherished memories and experiences. So next time life throws you a curveball, remember that it could lead you to something amazing. Say yes to the unexpected, take a chance, and who knows where it may lead you!

Sound of the river​
look of love​
Jump to the sky​
Rose in rains​
Floral field ​
la nature aime à se cacher​
Feline eyes​